Tips to restore an unallocated hard drive

What are the reasons for unallocated hard drive space? What is the method to allocate unallocated hard drive space?

Hard drives are the secondary storage devices of our computer system. It is a non volatile storage device which stores all types of digital information. Hard drives store all the important data of computer system such as operating system, user information and digital data. Hard disk connected internally to the system which stores all the system information are called internal hard disk. In addition to internal hard drive we can use external hard drive to store all digital information. Hard disks are available in different capacities such as 80 GB, 500 GB etc. We can partition these hard drives into local disk. There are spaces in the hard drive which is not allocated for any items and these spaces are known as unallocated hard drive space. We can restore this hard drive space to active partition.

Some of the reasons for unallocated hard drive space and the methods to allocate the unallocated hard drive are explained below:

  • Reasons

  • Allocating unallocated hard drive

  • Allocating space to hard drive


Usually a portion of the hard drive is not allocated for the active partition and it is known as unallocated hard drive space. It is unused for any purpose. But we can make available these unallocated spaces by performing some simple steps. There are several factors which lead to unallocated disk space on your hard disk. The changes in the operating system may be one of the reasons for the unallocated hard disk. The attacks of spyware or virus infection, newly installed driver also lead to unallocated hard disk space.

Allocating unallocated hard drive

In order to allocate the unallocated hard drive space, select the ‘Start’ menu and click on ‘Run’ button. Then type the command ‘compmgmt.msc/s’ in the field and click ‘Ok’. This will open ‘Windows Management Utility’ and click on the ‘Disk management’ link in the window. Then right click on the drive that you want to allocate the unallocated space and this will produce a standard window context menu. Then click on the ‘Extended Volume’ to start the extend volume wizard.
Allocating space to hard drive

In the ‘Extend Volume Wizard’ welcome screen, click on ‘Next’ button. Then select the disk you want to allocate and click on ‘Add’ button which is present in the centre of the window. Then choose how much allocated space should be added to the partition of the disk at the bottom of the program window Then click on ‘Next’ button and click on ‘Finish’ after the completion of allocating space to the hard drive. Then reboot the system to make the changes in effect.
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