Wipe a hard drive

What is the purpose and the method to wipe the hard drive?

A Hard Drive is a storage device which stores different types of data including pictures, movies or text. Large hard drives of about 250 GB are used to store different files on your computer when system crashes due to virus infection. Smaller hard drives are used to store and transfer files between different computers. The external hard drive allows you to quickly back up all the data in your computer. Hard drives are disk drives that are usually fixed into your computer and their size ranges from gigabytes to terabytes. The size of hard drive in desktop varies from that of the laptop but their purpose remains the same. The external hard drive are best for storing data other than the one in the computer’s hard drive or on a removable media. Because of their speed and ability to connect to any computer, these external hard drives make highly efficient backup destinations for internal or external drives.

Following are the methods to wipe a hard drive and points to keep in mind while wiping the hard drive:

  • Format

  • Using Software

  • Points to keep in Mind


Sometimes you need to reformat your hard drive so that you can use your computer even after being too old. You can reformat or scrub it down by using the format utility that is a part of any operating system developed so far.

Using Software

You can wipe the hard drive using different methods so that you can recover the data from a trashed computer. You can wipe out the data from the hard drive, which involves the use of a software program that fully erases the drive. You can use 'Darick’s Boot and Nuke' program that creates a bootable drive that automatically comes out and erases any drive that it accesses.

Points to keep in Mind

There are several methods to wipe out the hard drive but you should keep this in mind that each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. You need to know which software you use and understand how they wipe the data from a hard drive. When the files are deleted by emptying the recycle bin, the operating system removes the files from the list of files that are present on the drive. However, original contents of the files remain on the drive until they are overwritten.

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