Keyboard Settings in Windows® Vista

What are the ways to change the default keyboard settings in Windows Vista system?

The keyboard settings are configured by default upon the user computers. The settings that are configured can be changed according to the needs of the user. While changing such settings, the user should be aware about the various settings provided with the Operating Systems. Windows Vista systems also offer various settings for the keyboard device connected to the system. The user can change the default settings through the keyboard option at the Control Panel or through the Language bar present on the taskbar area. The language bar enables changing the default keyboard input language and also the layout of the keyboard. The keyboard properties dialog box accessed through the control panel offers options for changing the character repeat delay and rate, cursor blink rate etc. The keyboard settings for the welcome screen upon Windows Vista systems can be changed by clicking on the 'Language bar' option at the welcome screen.

Discussed below are some ways to fix the issues that may arise while changing the keyboard settings in a Windows Vista system:

  • Change the input language

  • Test the settings changed

  • Verify the support of the system

Change the input language

The input language can be changed either through the language bar option present at the system taskbar or through language option at the control panel. The language bar is present upon all Windows Vista systems for enabling the easy access of the feature. Select a language that is required for the user to include with the keyboard settings. Language option at the 'Control Panel' is found under the 'Clock, Region and Language' folder. The changing of input language prevents the issues related with the incompatibilities while changing the layout.

Test the settings changed

Many of the settings provided with the Windows Vista for enabling the keyboard layout change options can be tested before applying them upon the system. Keyboard properties window offer such an option for the users. The rate and delay occurred between the key press actions can be changed and also tested at the dialog box itself. Thus the user can avoid the issues of fast or slow time rate upon key pressing actions.

Verify the support of the system

Input language selection at certain occasion causes issues with the users. The incompatibility of the language selected with the user system would be the cause. So before changing the input language, the user should check whether the language is supported upon the Windows Vista Operating System or not. The use of USB connected keyboards with Windows Vista systems also causes some issues due to the driver problems. So, the user should configure the suitable drivers while changing the keyboard settings.

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