Changing keyboard settings in Windows® system

What are the ways to change the default keyboard settings in Windows system? What are the ways to fix the issues that may arise while changing the settings?

Windows operating system is a very advanced and highly functional operating system developed and marketed by Microsoft. It is one the most popular operating systems in the world and the easy-to-use interface of the operating system are the key to its popularity. The extensive third party software support also helps in boosting the overall functionality of the system and the productivity of the users. Windows supports a wide variety of external devices or peripherals and uses keyboard and mouse as the primary input devices. The users who are attempting to change the default settings of the keyboard in Windows can access the options to do so in the system control panel. Selecting the keyboard icon in the Windows control panel will open up a panel with a number of settings that can be configured by the users. The users can manage the keyboard diver, keys and cursor blink rate using the options in Windows control panel. As the keyboard is the default or primary input device it is advised that the users make changes to the settings carefully. The uses can also assign shortcuts to the keyboard keys using the options in the control panel. Making changes under expert assistance will help prevent issues that can occur while performing the intended operations.

Discussed below are some points that will help the users to fix issues that can occur while configuring keyboard settings in Windows operating system:

  • Update installed OS

  • Remove conflicting programs

  • Reinstall keyboard driver

Update installed OS

The bugs and vulnerabilities in the installed Windows version can cause problem with the working and configuring of the system keyboard. The users of Windows having issues configuring system keyboard settings are therefore advised to update the operating system using the Windows update options. This will help solve issues with the keyboard and its settings in Windows.

Remove conflicting programs

Keyboard enhancements softwares if installed in a computer can also cause issues while changing the keyboard settings by giving rise to software conflicts. The users in these kinds of cases are advised to disable such program and uninstall them from the system using program uninstaller options. Doing so and restarting the system will solve out issues with the keyboard settings.

Reinstall keyboard driver

Errors within the native driver for the keyboard in Windows can also be the reason for the issues. The users are therefore advised to perform a diver update and see if that solves the problems. If the issues are not solved by updating the driver then use the device manager driver uninstall option to reinstall Windows keyboard driver. This will fix all related issues in the system.

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