Fixing Logitech® Wireless Keyboard Not Working Issue

Is the Logitech wireless keyboard in your computer not working? Find out the tips to fix the issue.

Logitech wireless keyboards come in different designs and styles. With the help of a wireless Bluetooth dongle, you can connect your keyboard with the system. The long distance connectivity is a great peculiarity of Logitech wireless keyboard. You can connect it from at most 30 feet. The keyboard operates under the 2.4 GHz of wireless standard. Though, Logitech wireless keyboards come in several styles, the same software is used in these keyboards. For configuring the wireless keyboard with your system, you need to install the driver software. You can get it from the driver CD or from the website of Logitech. After the installation, you need to select mouse and keyboard settings. You can select the keyboard connection from the keyboard in the new window. You should enter the characters shown in software menu to connect it with the system. Care should be taken while connecting the device with the system. Connection problem may leads to the not working condition of Logitech wireless keyboard.

Some details about the causes of not working condition of Logitech wireless keyboard and the possible ways of fixing the issue are given below:

  • Error in Bluetooth connection

  • Interference issue

  • Fixing the issue

Error in Bluetooth connection

The error in Bluetooth connection can cause Logitech wireless keyboard not working issue. If you are connecting the wireless keyboard for the first time, a paring must occur. A pairing is a way of securing connection in the two devices. Any defect in the pairing process can act as a connection problem. You should enter a password for pairing between two devices. The wrong password will not allow Logitech wireless keyboard to work.

Interference issue

Logitech wireless keyboard communicates with the computer via radio signals. The interference of radio signals may cause not working condition in wireless keyboard. Mobile phones, fluorescent lights, wireless routers, etc. act as the sources of interference. Large metal objects can also cause the interference issue.

Fixing the issue

You could fix the issue with some tips. The connection problem because of the Bluetooth can be solved by repeating the pairing process. You should take care to be within a distance of 30 feet from the system. If there is any interference issue, simply move the keyboard from the radioactive source. You should not place a mobile phone near the wireless keyboard. You should also make sure that the walls or other physical things are not interrupting the Bluetooth signals.

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