Resolve issues with Logitech® wireless mouse

Are you not able to connect Logitech wireless mouse to your system? Find out how to solve the problem.

Pointing devices are essential for working on a computer. Pointing devices provide users with ready access to required options and users would not have to navigate from one option to the next using keyboards. Majority of all applications and operating systems are easier to work with when having a pointing device such as mouse. Tasks such as browsing the Internet would be almost impossible without a pointing device. Wireless pointing device such as wireless mouse have become very popular as they eliminate the need for attaching the device to a computer port. This means that users would be able to use the mouse from anywhere within the wireless range. Logitech wireless mouse are some of the best in the world. They provide precision movement of the pointing arrow even when the mouse is at the verge of the wireless range limit. However, some users might face Logitech wireless mouse not connecting to their computer issue. The Logitech wireless mouse might not be connecting to your system because of reasons such as problems with wireless mouse drivers, issues with some of the system files associated with the drivers, battery on wireless mouse drained ,errors within the registry etc.

Following details gives users more information regarding ways to fix Logitech wireless mouse not connecting issue:

  • Check drivers

  • Resolve system errors

  • Check batteries

Check drivers

The Logitech wireless mouse connected to your PC requires drivers to function. Drivers are the link between the mouse and the Operating System on the computer. Any issues with the Logitech wireless mouse drivers mean that the system would not be able to connect to the mouse. All Logitech wireless mouse users having mouse not connecting to system properly are recommended to check the drivers installed on the system. If the drivers are found incorrect, incompatible or outdated, replacing them with suitable ones would solve the issues and get the mouse working.

Resolve system errors

Errors within the Operating System are known to cause problems with the working of external devices such as wireless mouse. Logitech wireless mouse users having mouse not connecting to system issue are recommended to check the system for errors. Cleaning the registry of the system with a registry cleaning software and then repairing the system files of the OS (if system files were found damaged when using 'sfc/scannow' command) would remove system errors and get the mouse connected.

Check batteries

The Logitech wireless mouse connected to your system requires batteries to function. The wireless connection requires some kind of power and if the batteries inserted in the Logitech wireless mouse are drained then mouse would not connect to the system. Similarly, users also have to check whether the battery has been inserted properly according to the polarity. If the batteries on Logitech wireless mouse are found damaged or drained, they would have to be replaced to solve the issues and get the mouse connected to the system.

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