Resolving Logitech Wireless Mouse Not Recognized Issue

What are the reasons which cause the Logitech wireless mouse not recognized issue? Explain the possible ways to fix this issue.

The Logitech mouse is provided with notched wheel which allows vertical and horizontal scrolling. The 'Power' button provided with the device conserves the battery life. But the price is much greater than those of other available mice in the same category. We can see that it is a good choice for anyone using Logitech's Unifying USB transceiver but it's priced a bit high considering its limited button layout. The unifying technology implemented in the Logitech mouse allows you to connect up to six devices at a time. The Logitech mouse is similar to Microsoft’s mobile mouse. It is provided with larger clicker area for the ring and pointer rings. The scroll wheel is allowed at the center of the two clicking options and that allows us to scroll more precisely. The wheel is also clickable, bumping the total up to three buttons. Underneath the mouse, you could find the laser tracking unit, an 'On/off' switch to preserve battery life.

Following are the reasons due to which the wireless mouse does not work properly and the possible ways to fix this issue:

  • Connection problems

  • Software issues

  • Solutions

Connection problems

The main reason for the non-recognition of Logitech wireless mouse is the connection error. Make sure that the Logitech wireless mouse connected to the system is compatible with your system requirements and the Operating System. This situation could also arise due to the improper connection of the wireless mouse receiver to the corresponding USB port. You could check the receiver by inserting it in other ports or the port in another compatible computer.

Software issues

The wrong or incorrect installation of the mouse drivers is the other reason for the issues with Logitech wireless mouse. In such a condition, the mouse would not be recognized by the computer. In certain cases, the pointer would not even respond when you move the mouse. In some other cases, you could select or highlight any of the options displayed on the screen. The loss of synchronization and inference of certain devices like wireless router, cell phone etc. also influence the working of a Logitech wireless mouse.


It is better to use a mouse pad for the Logitech wireless mouse for its improved performance. Such a mouse pad could prevent the issues between the device and the surface. Check the condition of the mouse batteries. You are suggested to install a proper device driver for the mouse. You could use the official site of the Logitech to download and install the latest drivers for your corresponding mouse.

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