Fixing Microsoft® Wireless Mouse 3000 issues

Learn more about the features of Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3000 and reasons due to which it does not work properly.

Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3000 is the Notebook Optical mouse, which delivers smooth, approachable convenient performance wherever you want to work. It is designed by skilled experts with the rubber grips featured on each side of the mouse and is a portable wireless mouse with convenient snap-in receiver and a long battery life. The opportune snap-in receiver automatically turns off the mouse and prevents the wasting of battery power. The optical sensor in Microsoft 3000 Wireless Mouse tracks mouse movement and are designed for use with either hand. It is supplied with the Microsoft high definition laser technology for providing more accuracy, more response and Microsoft Intelligent tracking system in Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3000 Notebook Optical mouse delivers smoother tracking. It is supported with the latest operating system from Microsoft Windows.

Following are the reasons due to which Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3000 does not work properly and the tips to resolve this issue:

  • Connection problems

  • Drivers and software issues

  • Tips to resolve

Connection problems

When Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3000 does not work properly, you have to first check the USB connections. The USB hubs are known for creating the connection problems when you have too many devices plugged in. This issue is caused when the connected devices do not receive adequate power. When this condition exists, you have to first check the connection into a USB port on your computer or into a connected USB hub.

Drivers and software issues

Make sure that Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3000 is compatible with your system requirements and installed operating system. Before connecting the mouse to the system, you have to install the software and drivers available with the mouse. You are recommended to restore all the default settings of Microsoft IntelliPoint software to reset all of your customized settings back to its original settings.

Tips to resolve

You shall try a different port or environment and shall resynchronize the device with the receiver. Check whether the issue is due to the low power batteries. If yes, replace the batteries. You are suggested to check the device on a different system. Use the MousInfo diagnostic tool to check your mouse. The removal and re-installation of the IntelliPoint software and other conflicting mouse software can resolve the wireless mouse 'Not working' issue.

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