Resolving Microsoft Wireless Mouse Not Working Issue

What are the reasons due to which the Microsoft Wireless Mouse does not work properly? Explain the possible ways to fix this issue related to the Microsoft Wireless Mouse.

The Microsoft wireless optical mouse is a basic model which is a reasonably priced mouse that would serve left and right headed users equally. It contains three programmable buttons. This device is ideal for people who are in search of a wireless mouse of an advanced model. It is capable of handling basic and complex functions well. To start using the device, you just need to insert two batteries into the bottom of the device and plug in the wireless receiver through a USB port. Its flat, slightly molded shape is ambidextrous and fits in both hands better than its competitors. It did not experience any cursor lag or tracking errors. Even though it possesses a low range wireless communication, it satisfies all the common users.

Following are the reasons due to which Microsoft Wireless Mouse does not work properly and the possible ways to fix this issue:

  • Loss of synchronization issue

  • Symptoms of the issues

  • Solutions

Loss of synchronization issue

One of the main reasons for the wireless mouse not working issue is the loss of synchronization between the device and the computer receiver. Synchronization is a special identification process that registers the wireless device with the computer. For the proper functioning of the wireless mouse without interference from other nearby devices, it should undergo synchronization before its use. The synchronization process may vary with devices and instructions are proposed by the device manufacturer.

Symptoms of the issues

The connectivity issues are common in wireless mouse. Sometimes the wireless mouse may not work or may work intermittently. Even if the horizontal scrolling feature is available, it may not work as expected. When this issue arises, you would not be able to select or highlight the options by clicking the mouse. The connectivity issues may arise due to interferences, outdated drivers, and hardware compatibility issues.


In order to resolve the connecting issues, try to resynchronize your device with your receiver. You can also try different ports. If the problem persists, try again after reinserting the batteries. The fixing of interference issues may solve the problem. You can overcome the connectivity issues by updating the drivers and software. It is advisable to check the device on another computer.

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