Causes for the mouse freezing on Windows® XP and ways to solve this problem

What are the reasons due to which mouse freezes on Windows XP?

Causes for a mouse freezing on Windows XP can be either hardware-related or software-related. Driver issues can be a reason for a mouse freezing on Windows XP computers. Damaged drivers, drivers that are not updated, disabling of the driver on the system can also be the issues that cause the mouse to freeze on Windows XP. The mouse can also be a cause for the issue. A mouse that is connected improperly to the computer, or is damaged, it will also result in freezing on Windows XP. The attack of malware will prevent hardware components from working on the system. The issue will prevent the cursor from moving over the screen. The cursor will freeze or disappear from the screen.

Discussed below are some tips to fix mouse freezing on Windows XP:

  • Check cable connecting the mouse to the computer

  • Remove malware from the system

  • Update driver software for the mouse

Check cable connecting the mouse to the computer

Hardware devices are connected to the system through cables or wires. A loosely-fit mouse to the computer causes it to freeze. You should check the wire that connects the mouse and the computer. Check the mouse end and at the port on the system. The connections should be according to the instructions provided in the user manual for the mouse.

Remove malware from the system

Some malware possess the power to stop functioning of various system activities by changing registry content or by damaging software. You should perform a system scan to get rid of infections from the system. Clean registry contents as well. If the device gets damaged due to infections, then replace the mouse with a new one.

Update driver software for the mouse

For updating driver software for the mouse on Windows XP, you should follow the steps below. Right- click on 'My Computer' icon on the desktop. Then select 'Manage' option. In 'Computer Management', expand 'System Tools' at the left side of the window. Click 'Device Manager' option. Then drivers installed on the system for the various devices will be displayed on the window. Expand 'Mouse and other Pointing Devices' option. Right-click on the driver software and select the 'Update' option from the menu. Now the driver starts updating itself. Updated driver software will solve issues with the device.

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