Mouse pointer running too fast

What are the issues due to which mouse pointer runs too fast? Gets tips to fix the issue

Mouse is small device used by the computer. The Computer users use the mouse so as to point a place on the display screen. This mouse has become one of the integral part of the graphical user interface of your computer. The mouse consists of a metal or plastic housing, a ball that sticks the housing, one or two buttons at the top of the casing and a cable which connects the mouse to the computer. A convenient mouse usually has two buttons at the top. The mouse pointer which is also known as the mouse cursor is shaped like an arrow with an index finger which is pointing towards the top of the display device. The mouse pointers are the one which points to where the mouse is located on the display screen. These mouse pointers are the one which allows a function to be performed on screen.

The following are the reasons due to which a mouse pointer runs too fast and the ways to fix the issues:

  • Issues

  • Adjust the speed of the mouse

  • Check the drivers


Mouse is often considered as important part of your Computer. So, if the mouse pointer has been encountered with some problem then it would be really frustrating. If your mouse pointer is running too fast then you would not be able to complete your work as the mouse would often guard to different places quickly and you may not be able to access it. This issue mainly happens when you have changed the speed of mouse. Then when there are issues with the drivers also, this problem occurs.

Adjust the speed of the mouse

Sometimes unknowingly you might have adjusted the speed of the mouse too fast. In such a situation the mouse pointer would behave in an erratic way. Thus, to avoid this issue you would have to adjust the speed of the mouse. For that, first you would have to go to the Control Panel in the Start Menu. Then you need to choose Mouse from Settings in the Control Panel and after that access the Pointer options. By doing so you could see a section named select a pointer speed. Finally after selecting the pointer speed click on OK.

Check the drivers

Drivers are the software programs which favors the functioning of the devices in your system. Thus, if any problem has been encountered with the Mouse drivers then there would be certain issues. If the mouse drivers are not updated frequently then while using the mouse you would see that the pointer is moving fast. Thus, to avoid this issue you would have to update the mouse drivers frequently.

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