Resolving Optical Wireless Mouse Not Working Issue

What is an optical wireless mouse? What are the causes due to which an optical wireless mouse does not work properly? Explain the tips to solve the problem regarding the optical wireless mouse.

An optical mouse probably contains an LED and certain diodes to detect movement relative to the underlying surface. It does not contain the rolling ball and the two chopper wheels for motion detection. The modern optical mouse works on the principle of opto electronic sensitivity. As technology advances, it has became possible to put more powerful special image processing chips in it. The advanced wireless optical mouse works by detecting the relative motion between the varieties of surfaces. The technology that features the modern optical computer mouse is addressed as digital image correlation. It accompanies a lot of light sensors to image various textures occurring on various materials such us wood, cloth, and mouse pads. The optical mouse captures 1000 successive images in one second. Each image would be an offset of the previous one because the mouse is moving fast. The optical sensor of the optical mouse is constructed by an 18X18 pixel array of monochromatic pixels. HP invented the modern optical mouse and it was made more likely by a succession of related projects during the 1990s at its central research laboratory.

Discussed below are the reasons due to which an optical wireless mouse does not work properly and different ways to fix the issue:

  • Optical issues

  • Other reasons

  • Tips to fix the issue

Optical issues

The optical issues in the wireless mouse are generated due to the buildup of dirt and grime on the optical sensor. When such a situation occurs, the cursor jumps around or doesn't move where you want it to. Some of the issues could also arise due to the corrupted or incorrectly installed mouse drivers. These issues prevent you from selecting the options and you would not be able work with your system.

Other reasons

Wireless problem is another important factor which causes the optical mouse not responding or not working issue. The first thing that you have to check when you encounter such an error is the batteries in your optical wireless mouse. The damaged or finished batteries prevent the working of the mouse. Loss of synchronization, USB port issues, and the interference of other peripherals are the other reasons for this issue.

Tips to fix the issue

You have to first resolve the optical issue by cleaning the underside of your wireless optical mouse. You could do this by rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. The reinstallation of the mouse driver is the next step that you have to follow to resolve the same issue. If the issue still persists, you are advised to replace the mouse battery and it is better to try a supportable USB port.

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