Troubleshoot issues in computer hardware

What are the different hardware issues in a computer? What are the tips to fix them?

When you encounter a computer hardware issue, first thing that you need to check is the connection of the specified device with the system. You need to make sure that the system is connected to proper power. A virus in the system can also create issues in the hardware. Assure that the related drivers are up to date, before you go ahead with any of the hardware trouble shooting. You need to make sure that the system has a dependable antivirus to avoid any virus in the system. You also need to check the hardware physical status to make sure that the issues are not due to any hardware physical damage.

Different hardware and its related issues and tips to resolve are discussed below:

  • Printer problem

  • Microphone problem

  • Scanner problem

Printer problem

Your printer have two cables connected to it. It includes the power cable and the data cable in which the power cable should have already been verified as being connected, if your printer has a power indicator light. Make sure the data cable is also connected from the printer to the system. Most printers have a technique of printing a test page. This page allows you to determine if the printer is physically working or not. This test is usually completed by holding down a series of keys. If you are not sure, whether your printer has this feature or how to perform i,t refer to your manual or visits your printer manufacturer's website.

Microphone problem

If the microphone is correctly connected to the back of the computer then ensure that you have a working microphone. Some older microphones might require a battery, if you have such a microphone verify if it has a charged battery. If not, then verify that whether the microphone works on another device such as a stereo, and then solve the issue.

Scanner problem

If you have another device connected between the scanner and the computer, then turn off the computer and disconnect the devices connected from the scanner. If after disconnecting these devices the scanner works, it is likely that another device might have issues or may be unable to work with other parallel devices. Press 'CTRL'+'ALT'+'DEL' and end all currently running software except system tray and attempt to scan again. If this resolves your issue, it is possible that an application in the background such as a virus utility is preventing your scanner from scanning.

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