Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

What is hardware acceleration and how to turn it of?

Usage of hardware to run the functionalities of some graphical applications faster than running with the software is termed as the hardware acceleration. Hardware acceleration can be found at the 'System Display Settings' option. The value of the hardware acceleration can be manually changed by the user with the help of this option. Accelerations and the performance improvements are provided by the graphics accelerators in the system. The hardware acceleration thus provides improvements to the graphics and video options in the system. Thus the user can use the hardware acceleration to speed up the graphics functionality over the system. The hardware accelerator is the hardware that performs the accelerations on the computer other than the CPU.

Discussed below are the methods to turn off hardware acceleration:

  • Need to turn off hardware acceleration

  • Steps to turn off hardware acceleration in Windows XP or older versions

  • Steps to turn off hardware acceleration in Windows Vista and later versions

Need to turn off hardware acceleration

There are several problem, which may occur due to improper hardware acceleration settings on the system. The mouse pointer issues, corruptions on images, problems with the working of the video devices, issues with the displaying of graphics on games, etc would be the problems affecting the system due to hardware accelerator settings. The better option for solving the issues is to disable the feature. The problem occurs due to the old video drivers or graphics card upon the system and can be identified after disabling the hardware acceleration.

Steps to turn off hardware acceleration in Windows XP or older versions

Open the 'Control Panel' window from the 'Start Menu'. Then select the 'Classic View' section and click on the 'Display' option. Click on the 'Settings' tab and then select the 'Advanced' button at the bottom of the screen. Now click on 'Troubleshoot' tab and there the user can view the 'Hardware Acceleration' option. To turn off the feature, the user should move the slider to the extreme left position. Click 'Ok' and exit the wizard.

Steps to turn off hardware acceleration in Windows Vista and later versions

Click on 'Start Menu' and choose 'Control Panel'. In the 'Control Panel' window, click on the 'Display' icon and then choose 'Display and Advanced Settings'. If the system asks for any administrator permissions, click on 'Allow' option and 'Continue'. Under 'Hardware Acceleration' move the slider to 'None' value and save the changes by clicking 'Ok'. Now the hardware acceleration is disabled on the system.

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