Autoplay Fails to Work in USB Device

Why auto play feature not working with USB device? Discuss methods to fix the issue.

Windows Operating System comes with a new feature called auto play. The feature has been included in Windows XP Operating System. The auto play feature is useful in running USB hard disk drive in the system. The auto play feature of Windows system allows users to launch different media files in USB device automatically to the system as you plug in the drive. Thus, you need not open Windows Explorer each time to select the contents of USB drive. It thus reduces the manual task and you can see the movie files and installation tasks start automatically. But, it is possible that the auto play feature of USB drive might get disabled in the system. There may be number of reasons behind the issue. It may occur as a result of the auto play feature being disabled by the system users or by some infections. Another reason for the issues includes some software getting conflicts with the feature.

Following are some tips to fix the issue of auto play feature not working with USB devices:

  • Restore AutoPlay prompt

  • Use troubleshooting software

  • Uninstall conflict software

Restore AutoPlay prompt

You can try restoring the AutoPlay prompt to fix the issue. This can be done manually. To do this, you need to open My Computer windows and select the USB drive letter. You need to then right click the drive and select 'Properties' option. You need to then go to AutoPlay tab and select the option "Prompt me each time to choose an action". Finally, click 'OK' and you can get the issue fixed.

Use troubleshooting software

You can use some troubleshooting software like AutoFix.exe to fix the issue. To do this, you need to plug in the USB hard drive and then run AutoFix.exe tool in the system. You need to then select the drive where AutoPlay is not working correctly. You can now try unplugging and plugging the USB drive back to the system. Finally, click on 'Finish' button and unplug the USB drive. You need to restart the system.

Uninstall conflict software

Some recently installed software may cause the issue of USB device Auto Play not working. Software like PowerISO, VMWare virtualization products like VMWare Server and VMWare Workstation are known to get conflicts with the auto play feature of USB driver. You can try uninstalling this conflicting software to fix the issue. It is better to roll back the system to an earlier restore point to get rid of such conflicting software.

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