Fix Malfunctioning Errors of USB Devices

What are the different errors caused while connecting a USB device and find how to fix them?

A USB device is the most widely used portable storage device. USB device is a flash memory device which is used for storing and carrying users’ data. It is a flash memory storage along with an USB interface. USB devices are rather smaller than floppy drives and can carry a lot more than floppy disks and CDs. USB devices with a minimum storage capacity of 256 GB are now available in the current scenario. USB is actually a protocol which stands for Universal Serial Bus. The USB protocol is a bidirectional communication protocol that allows data transfer between an external device and a computer. A USB device can be easily connected to a computer by just plugging it into the USB port. It can be connected even when the computer is turned on making it a 'hot pluggable' device. It is often possible to cause errors while connecting a USB device. The malfunctioning of the USB device may occur due to several reasons. Most of the errors can be fixed easily.

Common errors and different ways to fix the malfunctioning of USB devices are discussed below:

  • Hardware Problems

  • Software Problems

  • Corrupted Device

Hardware Problems

A USB Device can cause malfunctioning for several reasons. One of the major issues is with the insufficient power required by the USB device which is actually an unknown issue to most of the users. In such cases, plugging the USB device to an alternative port can fix the problem. But if the computer doesn’t provide an alternative USB port, then the above mentioned option cannot be applied. In this case, replacing the unpowered USB hub with a hub that is equipped with a power source can fix the problem.

Software Problems

USB is actually a protocol which requires some driver or controller for its proper functioning. A USB device will not be detected by a computer if the necessary USB controller is installed in the computer. Corruption of these drivers can also cause malfunctioning of USB devices. The USB controller can be installed or repaired using the motherboard Drivers and Utilities CD.

Corrupted Device

A USB Device can end up in malfunctioning if the device itself is corrupted. The above two problems resides with the host computer and no action is required on the USB device. But in some cases, it is possible that the host computer is equipped with required hardware and software specifications and still the USB device is not functioning. This can be because of the USB device – either it has been damaged physically or the software installed might have been corrupted. The hardware problems such as broken USB interface are most unlikely to be repaired if the damage is severe. USB Device is equipped with software within itself that is needed to be executed for connecting and transferring data with it. Corruption of this software restricts the functioning of USB Device. Contacting the appropriate vendor or a computer technician and reprogramming the USB Device can fix this issue.

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