Video card for laptop

Learn about a video card and how to install and configure a video card for laptop.

A video card is an expansion card that allows a computer to send graphical information to a video display device such as a monitor or a projector. They help to generate output images on the display screen and allow accelerated rendering of 3D visuals. They are also known as display cards, graphics cards, graphics controllers, or graphics accelerator cards, which convert binary data into display images. The video card is external to the motherboard and is a separate hardware that is attached to the motherboard through an appropriate slot. It also has its own video BIOS chips which are the memory chips used to store the video card's configuration data. The memory capacity of most modern video cards range from 128 MB to 4 GB. A video card is rectangular in shape with numerous contacts on the bottom of the card and one or more ports on the side for connection to video displays and other devices.

Following are the methods to configure a laptop video card:

  • How to install a laptop video card

  • Configuring a video card

  • Configuring a gaming laptop

How to install a laptop video card

You need to open your web browser and navigate to your laptop manufacturer’s website. You need to find whether the model supports the video card and then remove the battery from the laptop and disengage the front bezel of the laptop. Remove the ribbon connector of the LCD and you will see four screws which are holding the video card in its place that is to be removed. Later, install the replacement video card and make sure that it is securely inserted into place and put back the four screws. Power up the machine and proceed to install and reboot the laptop after completion of the driver installation.

Configuring a video card

A video card is configured to provide better performance and visual quality. To configure the video card, click on ‘Start’ menu and select ‘Programs’. Choose ‘Catalyst Control Center’ and click on 'Advanced settings'. There will be a list of settings and you will find the 3D option, where you need to configure all the standard settings. Include all the settings that need to be enabled.

Configuring a gaming laptop

You need to adjust the power management settings of your gaming laptop to configure the video card. All the gaming laptops include integrated video cards. If more than one video card is present in your gaming laptop, you can configure these cards in the SLI mode to utilize video processing power. You need to remove any unnecessary programs from your computer that may use valuable memory and disable start up programs that are unnecessary for the operation of the computer.

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