Installation of Video Card

How to install video card in a computer?

Video Cards are also known as Graphics Cards. Video cards are responsible for creating the pictures displayed by a monitor. Video cards are expansion cards and most of these card offer added functions such as MPEG-2/MPEG-4 decoding, 2D graphics, TV Tuner Adapter and video capture. Video cards have the ability to connect multiple monitors and TV outputs. We can also use high performance video cards for PC games. We can connect video card on the motherboard. Video card or graphics card is also known as video adapter, display adapter, etc. These extensions play a vital role in computer system and generate output images to the display. We can easily install Video cards into our Windows Operating System. Before installing the video card, we have to remove the old vice cards and drivers. We can install the drivers for the video card from the driver CD that comes with video card.

Different steps to install a video driver on a computer are explained below:

  • Install Video Card

  • Install Video Driver

  • Tips While Installing

Install Video Card

Shut down the computer and leave the computer unplugged. Remove the cover of chassis and remove the back panel of the computer. Look for the port at the back of computer where the monitor cable was attached. The card connected to this port is called video card. Remove the old card and insert the new video card into the port. Replaces the back panel and remove screws, reconnect the monitor, keyboard and mouse and reboot the system properly. If your monitor display appear, then the installation was success.

Install Video Driver

After installation of video card into the system, turn on the PC and install the drivers. One of the advantages of Windows Operating System is that Windows automatically recognizes the new hardware and walks you through the installation wizard. Click on ‘Settings’ from 'Start' menu if Windows doesn’t detect the card. Then, open ‘Control Panel’ and click on ‘Add Hardware’ and install the driver from the CD that comes with the new video card. We can also install the latest and compatible driver from the manufacturer’s website.

Tips While Installing

We have to notice several things while installing the drivers. During the installation of video card, do the installation in an uncarpeted area to avoid static. Before installing video card, make sure that you have the manual that came with the video card. First of all, uninstall the current graphics card drivers before installing the new card drivers to avoid any potential conflicts. Follow the further instructions as per the user manual.

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