Learn why video card is not detected on a computer

What can be the problems due to which a video card may not be detected on computers? Get tips to fix the issue

Video card is the expansion card which favors your computer to send graphical information to the display devices such as monitor in your computer. These video cards are also known as graphics card, video adapter and graphics adapter. Then while purchasing the video card it is always recommended to check whether your motherboard supports it. The video cards are usually rectangular in shape and contain one or two ports on the side so as to ensure connection to video displays and other devices. Video cards are usually installed in the expansion slot of your motherboard. Earlier video cards were 2D or 3D but now 2D/3D combos are available today. The 3D video cards are most popularly used for gaming and 3D modeling. Then so as to make the scenes more realistic the video cards make use of advanced processing chips.

The following are the problems due to which a video card is not detected on computers:

  • Virus infection

  • Installation problems

  • Registry troubles

Virus infection

Sometimes through the network you might have connected your system to other systems or peripherals. Thus there is a great possibility for the video card to get infected as the networks area are known source to spread virus. As a result of this the video card is not been detected on the computer. So in order to solve this issue you would have to install and run good antivirus software in your system and remove the virus using this software.

Installation problems

If the video card is not installed in your computer properly then you won’t be able to load the graphics in your system, as your computer does not detect the video Card. Thus so as to avoid this issue you would have to install the video card in your computer by following the instruction properly. Then after installation you need to open the device manager and see whether the Video card is been recognized by your computer.

Registry troubles

Registries are considered as one of the important database of your computer as it stores all the important files in your computer. So if any corruption occurs in the Windows registry then the files which are associated with your video card would also be affected and as result your computer would not detect the video card. Thus so as to get rid of this issue you need to clean your registry with some registry cleaner.

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