Fix Issue of Black Screen in Web Camera

Why Web Camera displays a black screen in Windows? Discuss ways to resolve the issues.

The web camera or webcam refers to an USB device which can be used to take images in computer and publish it over World Wide Web instantly. New laptops come with an integrated webcam component. You can also connect the web cam device to your desktop with the help of an USB port. Windows Operating Systems support the webcam to work in the system. You can use the webcam to take still photos as well as videos. But, you may get some problems with the webcam in Windows. One among these issues includes a black screen displayed instead of clear images.

Following are some tips to fix issue of Web camera displaying a black screen in Windows:

  • Fix error in Safe Boot menu

  • Check for drivers

  • Check settings

Fix error in Safe Boot menu

To do this, you need to remove all USB devices from the system first. Then, type "msconfig" in the Run prompt text box. It will open up the 'System Configuration Utility' in which you need to select the BOOT.INI tab and check the /SAFEBOOT box under Boot Options. In the safe mode, you need to then access the Device Manager and expand 'Universal Serial Bus Controllers'. Next step is to uninstall each USB Root Hub and uncheck /SAFEBOOT in 'System Configuration Utility'. You can then plug in the webcam back to the system and get the issue fixed.

Check for drivers

It is possible that the webcam drivers are missing from the Windows system which may result in black screen issue in webcam. You need to check the Device Manager and check if the webcam device has been recognized by the system or not. Also, You need to check if the webcam device has been installed with proper drivers or not. If not, you need to update the device with proper drivers and make it work good. If you cannot get drivers for the webcam, you can select using some third party driver finder program and see the issue resolved.

Check settings

You need to check the settings of webcam devices to fix the Webcam black screen issue. You need to get the required software for the webcam device to make it work properly. You need to install software like latest DirectX in the system. You also need to install and update software like Java, Flash, Quicktime etc. to get high quality video through your webcam.

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