Install Web Camera on PC

What are the basic system requirements to install web camera on a PC? Learn further the ways to install it.

The webcam or web camera is an essential component which comes integrated with new laptops. The webcam will allow users to take photos and publish it online instantly. But, desktop usually does not include the Web Camera. You can get the web camera installed in the system for this purpose. You can get the webcam installed in the system by using CD or can use some websites for installing it. But, you may get some issues while doing so. You may find that the webcam has not been installed in the system at all. This may be because of some compatibility issues in the webcam device. The webcam device may get conflicts with some other devices in the system. You can configure the system with minimum requirements of web camera to fix the compatibility issue. You can try disabling any of conflicting devices from PC also.

Following are some methods for installing Web camera on a PC:

  • System requirements

  • Install using CD

  • Install using websites

System requirements

The web camera has some minimum system requirements with which you need to configure the system to make the device work properly. The webcam requires a processor with at least 166 MHz speed. It requires a properly working video RAM with a capacity of 32 MB. You can connect the web camera to your system only via an USB port. If the web camera is being used for purposes like Voice Over IP, then you need to install good sound card in the system. It requires at least 165 MB of free hard disc space. The web camera can work with operating systems above Windows 2000.

Install using CD

You can install the webcam in your PC using installation CD. The installation CD usually comes with the webcam package. You need to just insert the CD in the system and select the Setup.exe file. As you double click the set-up file, it starts to install the webcam software. You need to just follow on-screen instructions in the installation wizard and get the web cam software installed. You need to plug in the webcam when prompted and can see the web cam working in the system thereafter.

Install using websites

You can make use of some websites to install webcam in your system. To do this, you need to note down the details of your webcam device and then plug in the webcam in the system. You can then enter details of webcam in specified columns of manufacturer websites and see software displayed. Just download and install the software and configure it with the webcam. You can now start working with the web camera.

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