Use Webcam as Security Camera

Why to use Web camera as security camera? Discuss tips to fix issues that occur while using webcam as security camera.

New generation laptop comes with a web camera integrated in it. You can also connect a web camera to your laptop or desktop with the help of USB port included in the system. The web camera is useful in taking photos in real-time and save it to your system. You can take your photos as well as videos using the web camera. You can transfer these images and videos to other system via the World Wide Web. Thus, it is useful for tasks like video chatting, conferencing etc. But, the web camera can be used for other tasks than the usual chatting and conferencing. It can be used as a security camera also. The security camera allows you to secure your home or office by viewing all events via the web camera. The security camera captures these events and sends it to the computer. Thus, you can always keep an eye on your business and home applications.

Following are some notes on using Web camera as security camera:

  • Methods to use a Web camera as a security camera

  • Compatibility issues

  • No monitoring

Methods to use a Web camera as a security camera

There are some steps to be followed to use a Web camera as a security camera. You need to point the web camera toward the location to be monitored. You need to then download and install monitoring software like Dorgem in the system. Next step is to run the security software in the system and select the web camera. You can make settings to adjust brightness, focus and storage of web camera. You need to then turn on the option to use the web camera as security camera and click on 'Save' button to get the option work.

Compatibility issues

It is possible to get some issues while using Web camera as security camera in the system. You may get the web camera not been working properly in the system. It may be because of some compatibility issues with the system components. You need to check for the compatibility of system components and the camera and get the issue fixed.
No monitoring

You may not be able to use the web camera as the security software at all. It may not be monitoring any events and may be displaying a black screen only. You need to adjust the monitoring software brightness and view angle features properly to fix the issue. It is important to point the camera to focus images properly.
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