Connection Problem in Wireless Keyboard

Are you aware of the connection problem that can occur in wireless keyboard and want tips to fix it?

Wireless keyboards are widely use in latest desktop computers. Portability is the main feature of the wireless keyboard. By keeping a distance between your screen and keyboard, you can seat somewhere else that is comfortable for you and can do the work. The distance depends on the type of the keyboard. Some wireless keyboards, like Logitech offers a distance limit of more than 30 feet. Wireless keyboards can be used with the laptops or with your personal computers. If your laptop is not wireless sensitive you can use an additional wireless hub to connect the keyboard with the system. The commonly seen problem in the wireless keyboard is the connection problem. It may due to the driver issues or may be because of any interference.

Some details about the connection problem seen in wireless keyboard and the tips to fix it are given below:

  • Keyboard not connected properly

  • Drivers not installed

  • Fixing the problem

Keyboard not connected properly

For the better working of your wireless keyboard, you should install and configure it correctly. A wireless transceiver is used to connect it with your system. The wireless transceiver receives and transmits the information to the keyboard. The interference issues can also cause the connection problem between your wireless transceiver and the keyboard. The devices causing the interference issues may be mobile phones, florescent lights, etc. Too much distance from the wireless transceiver can also cause connection problem.

Drivers not installed

The driver issues can also cause connection problem in wireless keyboards. The drivers are the software programs that act as an interface between the device and the applications using it. If you are not installing the driver, then you cannot connect your wireless keyboard with your computer. Driver software programs are specific for the operating system and the hardware device. The compatibility issues between your operating system and the driver software can also cause the connection problem.

Fixing the problem

You can fix the connection problem with some simple steps. You should keep the wireless transceiver away from the interfering devices, like the mobile phones. You should also check the PS/2 or the USB ports for any damage. You should install only the compatible driver software in your system. You can get the compatible drivers from the website of the keyboard manufacturer or from the driver sharing sites.

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