Wireless Keyboard Set-up

Are you inquisitive about setting up a wireless keyboard in your computer?

Keyboards are the commonly used input devices. Based on the mode of operations, you can categorize the keyboards into two, wired and wireless keyboards. The wireless keyboard communicates via Bluetooth technology or via radio signals. Logitech, Microsoft, etc. offer a range of wireless keyboards. The pack contains a wireless keyboard, wireless receiver, batteries, driver software and a user manual. You should follow the user guide instruction for the successful installation of the wireless keyboard. Wireless keyboard comes with a stylish design. Some keyboards come with a scroll wheel which helps to scroll through the applications. You can also have customized keys for special functions. You can use the wireless keyboards in a desktop PC or in a laptop.

Some details about setting up a wireless keyboard in a desktop computer and the laptop are given below:

  • Setting up wireless keyboard in a desktop PC

  • Setting up wireless keyboard in a laptop

  • Things to keep in mind

Setting up wireless keyboard in a desktop PC

You should install the batteries in it and securely place the cover. Then you should place the wireless receiver that comes along with the keyboard near the computer. You should insert the driver CD into the CD drive and follow the instructions to install the wireless keyboard driver software. You should plug the wireless receiver USB port of your computer. You can use an external USB hub, if there are no free USB ports.

Setting up wireless keyboard in a laptop

You should notice whether the wireless technology used by the keyboard is compatible with the laptop. If you are using an old laptop, it may not support a wireless technology and you should use a wireless receiver. Insert the batteries into the keyboard and place it at a location that is comfortable for you. Place the wireless transceiver, if your laptop is not supporting the wireless technology. It should be kept eight inches away from the laptop to avoid the interference problem with your laptop. Install the driver CD and plug the wireless transceiver into your laptop.

Things to keep in mind

The wireless receiver should be kept away from the interfering devices like TV, mobile phone, etc. Too much closeness of the wireless device with the computer can cause interference problem with the computer itself. You should not forget to install the driver that comes along with the keyboard. You should regularly update your driver software to experience the new features.

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