Resolving Wireless Mouse Issues

What are the reasons due to which the Wireless Mouse does not work properly? Explain the possible ways to fix this issue related to the Wireless Mouse.

Wireless mouse transmits data all the way through infrared or Bluetooth technologies. The receiver is coupled to the system via a suitable USB port. A mouse typically restricts the movement of a pointer in two dimensions of a graphical user interface (GUI). You could access the programs by clicking the respective icons provided. With the help of the new technologies, you could gesture a command. Still, a few gestural conventions are widely accepted, including the drag-and-drop gesture. When the device has more than one button, the software is required for each button. Usually the leftmost button on the mouse would select and the rightmost button will provide a menu for various purposes. It has accurate and smooth action. It is accompanied by precise laser technology. In advanced mouse, the energy usage can be saved with the added 'On/off' switch. Added weight makes the mouse sturdy and more durable than many others; however, it's mainly in the rear end. The uniformity and the effective spreading of weight make the working of the advanced mouse smoother.

Following are the reasons due to which the Microsoft Wireless Mouse does not work properly and the possible ways to fix this issue:

  • Loss of synchronization issue

  • Symptoms of the issues

  • Solutions

Loss of synchronization issue

The main reason for this behaviour of Microsoft Wireless Mouse is the loss of synchronization between the mouse and computer receiver. The problem commonly occurs as the device does not respond when we are about to select a particular item. The errors may occur due to the mismatching of the ports, battery issues of the device, and they might also occur due to the lack of supporting software.

Symptoms of the issues

The connectivity problems usually recur in the case of wireless mouse. In certain cases, the wireless mouse may not work or may not respond properly. The horizontal scrolling feature would not work as smoothly as expected. Sometimes, the pointer does not respond when you move the device. Sometimes, nothing happens when you click a button on the pointing device.


We can adopt different ways for the resolution of this particular issue. Try to solve the problem by selecting a different port. If the problem persists, try again after the replacement of cells. It would be effective to test the device on a different computer. You can also analyze the mouse by using the mousinfo diagnostic tool.

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