Learn why a wireless mouse is not recognized by computers

What are the reasons that disable computers from recognizing a wireless mouse? What are the possible remedies?

Wireless mouse is the latest type of mouse. In the case of wireless mouse, users could access the mouse without using any cord. These types of mouse would work via radio frequency signals. The mouse has for two parts. They are radio transmitter and the other one called radio receiver. The RF transmitter is found to be integrated within the mouse. The RF transmitter would record all the movements of the mouse and they are transmitted as RF signals. These signals are being received by the RF receiver. This receiver is connected to the system port. Then these signals are processed and you could move the curser on the screen

The tips to solve the issue when the system has difficulty in recognizing a wireless mouse are discussed below:

  • Solve battery issues

  • Check for ports

  • Solve hardware issues

Solve battery issues

If you find that your wireless mouse is not being recognized by the system, it might be due to issues with batteries. If the battery becomes low, the mouse would not be recognized by the system. So, check the batteries first and try to replace them. You have to make sure that you are using the batteries which are being designed for your system. The next thing is, ensure that the batteries are properly inserted and that they are in the correct direction.

Check for ports

You must connect the receiver to different port. Sometimes if the port of the system is not working, that would also cause not recognizing of wireless mouse. So, you need to connect that to any of the other USB port that is present in the back of system. Then you have to check the working of that mouse. If the mouse is being recognized, the problem is with the port. Then try to repair the port.

Solve hardware issues

If the mouse has got any complaints, that would cause not recognizing of wireless mouse. You need to check for its proper working. There are tools, which would check for the complaints with wireless mouse. Mousinfo diagnostic tool is such type of tool. For running this tool you need to install IntelliPoint software. You have to type mousinfo in the Run and click OK. Then click the mouse buttons. After that check if these clicks are being recognized as DOWN and UP commands in tool. If they are not recognized, that mouse is defective. You have to replace that mouse. You should also check the mouse by using it in other systems.

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