Round-The-Clock Antispyware Support for Spyware Removal by iYogi

Do you think the antivirus software is efficient enough to secure your computer from spyware? Then, think twice. Probably it is not capable of detecting programs which hide under the legitimate files you download or which constantly track your computing activities, as the name implies. What is even worse is that spyware usually do not cause system glitches or other damages – hence, you might not get a clue how it is tracking and transmitting sensitive data from your computer. Then, how to get hold of such sneaky programs and get rid of such spyware? All you need is this killer combination of a good antispyware and iYogi.

How this works?

The antispyware software uses various methods to detect and remove spyware. Similar to an antivirus, antispyware software alerts you of existence of spyware and gives you choices for removal or quarantining the spotted programs, files, registries or directories. Different methods in which antispyware software works include hard disk scan, registry scan, memory scan, and URL monitoring. Such antispyware software releases periodic spyware definition updates. With antispyware support by iYogi, you get complete assistance for diverse types and brands of antispyware software, whether install, configuration, troubleshooting or spyware removal.

Our extensive range of antispyware support covers, but is not limited to the following areas –

  • Antispyware download
  • Antispyware installation
  • Antispyware setup and configuration
  • Antispyware optimization
  • Help with spyware scan including quick, full and custom scan
  • Software updates download and scan
  • Auto and manual updates
  • Troubleshoot antispyware issues
  • Support for both personal and enterprise antispyware

 24×7 antispyware support by iYogi

iYogi provides round-the-clock remote antispyware support via Internet – all you have to do is dial our toll-free number whenever you are stuck with any software glitch or if you suspect spyware intrusion. We cater to millions of subscribers across the world and once they sign up with us, they have 3 things to do fix spyware issues –

Step 1: Dial toll-free number of iYogi

Step 2: Specify specifications of computer, antispyware software and the type of issue

Step 3: Let technicians take remote access of computer and connect

With our remote technical support assistance available 24×7, you do not have to look forward to any local technician or service center. Hence, you can repair spyware issue and protect your data from intruders faster.  In addition to spyware protection solution, we also help with spyware prevention by optimizing settings of internet, computer settings or software and offer spyware preventive tips to avoid such threats.

There are more…

Besides installation and troubleshooting of antispyware or removal of spyware, our security solution also covers –

  • Antivirus
  • Antimalware
  • Anti-rootkits
  • Anti-spam
  • Firewall

One single plan for all…

Our one-time subscription fee once a year covers most of your technical concerns. Our annual unlimited tech support benefits you the following –

  • Support for all major brands and types of computers including laptops, computer, desktops, all-in-one, Ultrabooks and many more
  • Support for various peripherals including printer, scanner, digital cameras, router, modem, USB devices and many more.
  • Mobile devices and digital home theaters connected to your PC
  • Support all major brands of software and hardware components
  • 24x7x365 tech support by certified technicians
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Online, instant access to experts from anywhere