Add Internet Explorer® Icon to Desktop

What is Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer is a web browser that is developed and distributed by Microsoft Corporation. This is a fully featured web browser and is freely downloadable from Microsoft’s official site. This browser is also bundled with every Windows Operating systems. Some of the striking features of Internet Explorer are pop-up blockers and advanced privacy settings. It also has the feature for tabbed browsing. Thus, the users could open more than one website in browser Windows. This web browser is also installed with numerous advanced search options. Using Internet Explorer, the users could go directly to the information they require without visiting the redundant websites and menus. Along with this feature, a specialized find bar permits the users for searching for a text inside a site without going for any extra editing prompts. Some acceleration techniques for fast downloading and antimalware and anti phishing method are applied with new versions of Internet Explorer for offering high speed and secure browsing.

Following are the methods to add Internet Explorer icon on Windows:

  • Add the icon using control panel

  • Add the icon from program files

  • Add icons by the help of Windows registry

Add the icon using control panel

Windows users have the option to turn on or off Internet Explorer icon on the desktop. The change in the display settings would result in vanishing of the icon from the desktop. In order to solve this issue, you need to open the control panel and then the display settings of desktop. Click 'Customize desktop' button to enable the icons.

Add the icon from program files

This is a simple way for displaying IE icon. For this, you need to click 'Start' button and locate Internet Explorer from all programs. Then right click on 'Internet Explorer' icon and click on 'Create short cut'. Another way to create a desktop icon of Internet Explorer is to select Internet Explorer icon from the program file and drag that to the desktop. These simple procedures are helpful for creating the desktop icon IE.

Add icons by the help of Windows registry

Adding Internet Explorer icon could be done by changing the registry value. You need to select Run from 'Start' button and type 'regedit.exe' to its dialog box, Now navigate to registry folders, first navigate to 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER', then to software folder and find the way to Microsoft folder. You need to locate CurrentVersion folder and then Explorer folder. Here, you will find HideDesktopIcons folder and select NewStartPanel folder and from the right hand pane create a new DWORD value and enter the dword value data as 0 to enable and 1 to disable the icon on desktop.

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