Methods to get an IP address

What is an IP address? What are the ways to get an IP address?

An IP address is a unique number given to all machines using a network. An IP number is an identification number for individual machines. An IP address gives the machine a unique identity while communicating with other devices on the network. Using an IP address you can locate the region and country from which the computer is accessing the Internet. IP stands for Internet Protocol. Internet Protocol is a set of rules that are to be followed while performing web activities. There are two types of IP addresses, static and dynamic. Static IP addresses are permanent addresses which never changes, whereas dynamic IP addresses are temporary and are assigned each time when a computer accesses the Internet.

Stesp for getting an IP address:

  • Obtaining IP address

  • Obtaining IP address automatically

  • Things to keep in mind

Obtaining IP address

To find your IP address, you need to select 'Run' option from Start menu. In the corresponding text box, you need to type ‘cmd’. Now in the command window that opens, you need to type 'ipconfig /all', this displays details of the computer’s network adapters. The information present in IP address field gives you the current IP address of your system. This IP address consists of numbers separated by dots.

Obtaining an IP address automatically

You can obtain your IP address automatically as well. For this, you need to select 'Control Panel' from Start menu. There you need to select 'Network and Internet Connections'. Then you need to click on 'Network Connection' option, followed by double-clicking on 'Local Area Connection' option. As a result 'Local Area Connection Status' window will open, select 'Properties' from this window. In the corresponding window, check 'Internet Protocol' checkbox and then after highlighting 'Internet Protocol' option, you need to click 'Properties'. In the corresponding window, click on 'Obtain an IP address automatically' option and as a result you can obtain the IP address automatically.

Things to keep in mind

You must take care that the IP address is read from the correct adapter since virtual adapters provide private addresses instead of an actual IP address. It is very important that you must have a unique IP address, since if two systems have the same IP address, then the network will not allow the second system to access the network. Hence, having a unique IP address is very important.

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