Delete ActiveX control

Read to know about the features of ActiveX controls and find how to remove them.

An ActiveX Control is a technology developed by Microsoft. It is actually a framework which is used for linking desktop applications to the World Wide Web. It is not a programming language but a group of rules instructing the applications on how to share information. Many ActiveX development tools are available which aid programmers in creating web content for their applications. It is because of the ActiveX control that the users can view and even edit Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel documents directly from a web browser. Some ActiveX controls need to be updated frequently in order to use them. Nowadays certain web applications are built under ActiveX controls. They are capable of interlinking with each other and allow the computer to display animations, flash applications, and even drop down menus.

Continue reading to know more about ActiveX controls and find how to remove them:

  • Importance of ActiveX controls

  • Remove ActiveX controls

  • Errors encountered while removing

Importance of ActiveX controls

ActiveX Controls are a type of building blocks which are important for proper functioning of certain web applications. They operate in Windows operating systems allowing your computer to display animations, flash templates, command options, drop down menus, and many more. ActiveX controls can be developed using many programming languages and only experienced programmers can develop an ActiveX control. But anyone who has a web browser and a computer can easily use them for everyday tasks.

Remove ActiveX controls

Despite the benefits of ActiveX controls, they can also cause problems to your computer. In such cases, you may need to delete or remove those from your system. To delete ActiveX controls, click ‘Start’ and then select ‘Control Panel’. Open ‘Add/Remove Programs’ and select the ActiveX control you want to remove. And then click ‘Change/Remove’. Follow the instructions and the control will be deleted. If it is not listed in the ‘Add/Remove Programs’ list, open your ‘Windows’ folder. The default directory for ‘Windows’ folder will be “C:Windows”. Now open ‘Downloaded Program Files’. Right-click on the ActiveX control you want to remove and then click ‘Remove’. Click ‘Yes’ if prompted. The ActiveX control will now be removed from your system.

Errors encountered while removing

It is possible to end up with certain errors while trying to remove ActiveX controls. The most common error is the ‘Share Violation’ error which reads as “These program files are currently being used by one or more programs. Please close some programs, and try again. You may need to restart Windows.” This error occurs if the ActiveX control you try to remove is loaded in the memory. To fix this issue, close all the web browsers and disable Active Desktop. This can fix the Share Violation error encountered while removing ActiveX controls.

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