Enable Internet Connection Sharing

What is Internet connection sharing? What are the methods to enable it?

Internet Connection Sharing is a feature which allows users to share the Internet using a local network. By enabling Internet Connection Sharing, users can share the Internet feature over a local area network. Internet Connection Sharing allows home users to share the Internet with security. So, there is no need to buy expensive firewall software for the security. You can easily set up Internet Connection Sharing on a Windows-based operating system. Internet Connection Sharing is mainly used for home networks and small business networks. You can easily enable this feature in a Windows-based system. You have to set up ICS on both the host and client computer. After the proper configuration, you can enjoy this feature efficiently. Incorrect configuration will lead to several Internet Connection Sharing issues.

Following are different methods to enable Internet Connection Sharing:

  • Enable ICS on host Computer

  • Enable ICS on client Computer

  • Tips while enabling ICS

Enable ICS on host computer

To enable the Internet Connection Sharing feature, you have to enable this feature in both the client and the host computer. To enable Internet Connection Sharing, logon to the system as administrator. Then, open the 'Control Panel' by clicking on 'Start' menu. Then, open 'Network and Internet connections'. Click on 'Network connection' and right click on the connection you used to connect the system to the Internet. Then, select 'Properties' and choose 'Advanced' tab. Choose 'Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection' checkbox under 'Internet Connection Sharing'. Then click on 'Ok' to establish ICS on the host computer.

Enable ICS on client computer

Before configuring ICS on the client computer you have to confirm the LAN adapter IP configuration. Select 'Start' and click on 'Control Panel'. Then, select 'Network and Internet Connections' and click on 'Internet Options'. Click on the 'Connections' tab in the 'Internet Properties' and select the 'Setup' button. Now, a new connection wizard starts and in the 'Welcome to the New Connection Wizard' page, click on 'Next'. Choose 'Connect to the internet' and click on 'Next'. Then, follow the onscreen instruction and click on 'Finish' button after the configuring process.

Tips while enabling ICS

You have to notice several things while installing and configuring the Internet Connection Sharing in a computer. In order to share Internet connection using Internet Connection Sharing, the host computer requires two network adapters, one adapter which is configured to connect the internal network and the other network adapter which is used to connect the Internet. Another important thing is that you cannot modify the default network configuration after enabling the Internet Connection Sharing.

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