Mozilla® Firefox® not Responding

What are the causes, and ways to fix Mozilla Firefox not responding issue?

Web browsers are applications essential for viewing webpages on a computer. A web browser converts the Internet data into user understandable form in the system. Mozilla Firefox is one of the best web browsers in the world. It is fast, reliable and has many features. Some of the features include personas, add-ons support, parental controls, Antivirus program integration, password manager, private browsing, etc. Some of the common problems that may occur on Mozilla Firefox include application freeze, slow browsing, error messages when using the application, etc. Mozilla Firefox installed on your system may be freezing because of problems with some installed add-ons, registry related issues, damaged system/ application files, malware infection, etc.

Following are the tips to fix Mozilla Firefox not responding issue:

  • Run Antivirus program

  • Clean registry

  • Repair Operating System

Run Antivirus program

Mozilla Firefox hang issue may be because of malware infection in the system. Malware infections are known to cause many problems by infecting and damaging important system files of Mozilla Firefox. Such issues can be resolved by running an Antivirus program and removing all the malware in the system.

Clean registry

The computer has a database of information known as registry. Registry contains all information regarding the working of the system. This includes information about Mozilla Firefox as well. If the registry entries of Mozilla Firefox are in conflict, then the application will hang or freeze. Cleaning the registry with a registry cleaning software will clear off registry errors and get the application to work.

Repair Operating System

Damage to some of the system file associations of Mozilla Firefox can cause Mozilla Firefox hang or freeze issue. In such cases, the issue can be only resolved by repairing the Operating System using the Operating System repair tool and the genuine installation disk. Users can also try restoring the system to an earlier restore point to fix the problem. If any of the above mentioned steps fail, then the Mozilla Firefox will have to be reinstalled.

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