Fix Error 678 or Error 769 while connecting to Internet

We usually connect to the Internet with the use of modems that are connected to our Internet service provider or ISP via phone line. Due to various reasons, connectivity problems do occur and connections are not established. Users mainly encounter errors 678 and 679 and witness these exact error messages:

  • Error 678: There is no Answer

  • Error 679: Cannot Detect Carrier

Mentioned below are possible reasons why these problems appear on your computer:

  • Dialing incorrect number

  • Line usage by other device

  • Faulty Cabling

  • Problem with Internet service provider

Dialing the incorrect number

This is the most common reason that these errors do occur. You may have dialed an invalid access number or the access number that you have been using for some time may no longer be active. To solve this problem, you should recheck the numbers that you have on the dialer.

Line usage by other device

For those who use 56k modems, which occupies the phone line while it is in use. It may be possible that another device may already be using the line when you try to dial a connection. Someone may be in the middle of a phone call, a fax message, or another computer may have already dialed a connection. Just check to make sure that no other device is using the line. This is much easier if you have few or no splitters in use.

Faulty Cabling

Loose and faulty cables can be the possible reason for the Internet connection failure. There is a possibility that some cables still work for short duration and can fail for the rest of the time. You can manually check each cable to make sure that they are secure and connection is established. If all connections are secure, you should start replacing non functional with working cables.

Problem with your Internet service provider

Lastly, there may be some problems with your Internet service provider. In this case you cannot resolve this problem as you do not have access to the ISPs equipment. Your only course of action would be to call your ISP and complain about your connection.

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