Fix Internet Speed

What are the causes of slow speed of Internet in your system?

Internet interconnects computer networks. In order to serve billions of users in the world it uses the standard Internet Protocol Suite like TCP/IP. Internet is the network of networks. It contains a large amount of information resources and services like the inter-linked hypertext documents of the World Wide Web and the infrastructure to support electronic mail. There are many reasons that result in slow speed of Internet in your system. In order to access Internet in your system you need to install a network access device to your system. To get the performance of this network access device you need to install its compatible driver software.

Following are the some of the causes of slow speed of Internet in your system:

  • Temporary files

  • Antivirus software

  • Problem in network access device

Temporary files

One of the reasons for slow speed Internet is the temporary files. Temporary File is a directory on Microsoft Windows computer systems. Internet Explorer and other web browsers visited by the user uses this directory to cache pages and other multimedia content like video and audio files from websites. Thereby you could load theses sites more quickly the next time you visit them. But large amount of temporary files would block the Internet access. Therefore, you need to delete the temporary files periodically.

Antivirus software

A slow Internet connection is sometimes a software related problem and not the problem of your Internet Service Provider. Slowing down is a normal result of having security software like an antivirus on your system. When your antivirus performs a scan then it would produce a log. This log contains up to 100 MB of information. All this information is stored in the registry. The information is placed in many places in the registry. This may result in the fragmentation of files. Your Operating System may search through the massive files in the registry constantly. If the registry is error-filled, fragmented, or bloated with unnecessary and duplicate files, you could only get a slow Internet.

Problem in network access device

A physically damaged network access device would result in slow Internet connection. Therefore, you need to replace it. Before trying to connect to the Internet, you need to check the connection for the device. In order to get high speed Internet, you need to update the driver software. Driver software updates are always available in the device manufacturer's website.

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