How to fix Internet Connection Failure When Downloading or Signing in to Rhapsody ; Call : 1 877-770-9246

Solution summary

If you are looking for the complete solution to the error message, ”Rhapsody requires an active internet connection” or ”No internet connection detected” or ”downloading components failed” when downloading or signing into Rhapsody, then follow the easy 2-step resolution and the internet connection would be enabled.

Each step is accompanied by an indicative screenshot for ease of mirroring the action.

Step 2

Click ‘OK’.

You have successfully performed a change in the settings of ‘Security’, Privacy and LAN.

In case it doesn’t work, then we recommend you to reset the Internet Explorer® 6.0 and Internet Explorer® 7.0 security settings or to add Rhapsody sites as trusted sites or reset the Internet Explorer® 5.x security settings and Disable Pop-up Blockers & disable parental control.

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