Role of Internet Access Control

Get to know more about role of Internet Access Control

Internet Access Control in offices is a very important measure to enhance productivity of employees. For very large and medium enterprises various software tools could be used to monitor and restrict access of Internet by employees. Internet security is another feature which is needed for all the employees in an organization. So Internet filtering is very important to keep the employees, network and computer in office safe. Internet monitoring allows employees to work in flexible and safe environment. This provides control of the Internet usage among employees. In home environment Internet access control can keep your children away from porn sites and unwanted contents. Parental access control software and Internet option from browser could ensure Internet access control to your home computer. Many of the tools provide facility to add and edit the list of words and sites which are needed to be restricted. And many of the tools could provide browsing information.

Following is more information about some of the software for controlling Internet access:

  • GFI WebMonitor

  • Echo Suite

  • Cyber Sieve

GFI WebMonitor

GFI WebMonitor is a powerful software which could be used for Internet monitoring, web security and access control. This tool is available in three different editions like WebFilter Edition, WebSecurity Edition and Unified protection Edition. Features of this software are real time monitoring and blocking, blocking of hidden downloads, customization of white list and black lists, complete control of configuration and monitoring, virtual environment support, etc.

Echo Suite

Echo Suite is the Internet monitoring software from Pearl Software. Using this software the administrator could monitor Internet and filter websites to ensure security of resources and productivity of employees. This software tool could manage web sites, e-mail, instant messages, chat, news groups and file transfers. Enterprises could benefit by using this software as this restricts stringent content and provides data security. Echo Suite is cost effective for small and medium enterprises.

Cyber Sieve

Cyber Sieve is one of the Internet access control software which could be used effectively as parent control software to keep your children safe. You could download the trial version from web site of SoftForYou. Advantage and features of this software includes restriction of sites with pernicious information. Using this software you could block chats, mails, instant messages, etc. with inappropriate contents. This tool could effectively safeguard your private information from hacking. You could customize security level according to maturity, habits and control needs.

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