Fixing Internet Browsing Problems

Are you puzzled with common Internet browsing problems and want tips to fix them?

Whether you use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or Safari, you may face problems on any Internet browser that you use on your computer. From slow load times to missing plug-ins, there are many types of issues that may trouble you while browsing the Internet. If the browser is loading in an unexpected way, your system is most likely low on virtual memory. This can become especially apparent if you have an old system with a less-then-current processor. The browser freezing is also an issue that may come with all types of browsers. The most likely reason why a browser will freeze is that the overloading of virtual memory, much like the situation with the slow browser above. However, if you are using an outdated browser or operating system, this can also contribute to the freezing issue. You need to fix all these issues to make the system fast.

Following are some of the ways to fix the Internet browsing problems:

  • Upgrade the memory capacity

  • Check the TCP/TP configuration

  • Update the browser version

Upgrade the memory capacity

If the memory capacity in the system fails to provide enough memory to store the necessary details in the browsing history, then the network connection will get failed. If the system uses the virtual memory in the system, then the network connection will slow down and thus the system will start to display various error messages. You can resolve this issue by upgrading the memory capacity of the system. By freeing up more space in the browser cache by removing the old files, you can improve the memory capacity.

Check the TCP/IP configuration

You can resolve the browsing problems by checking the TCP/IP configuration in the system. You can use the 'winipconfig' command in the 'Run' box. This process is known as the ping test. This will help you to check the modem connection. If the DNS server is not defined, then the browsing will get failed. So, you need to define a proper DNS server to fix the issues.

Update the browser version

If the browser in the system gets outdated, then also you cannot access the network connection. You need to update the browser to fix this issue. Through this, you can add more features to the browser and avoid various problems.

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