Internet connection sharing in PC with Windows® XP®

What are the tips to configure the Internet connection sharing in PC operating on Windows XP?

Internet has become a basic need for all computer users. You check e-mails, download/upload files, surf websites etc. but if you have more than one computer, it’s not affordable to have and Internet connection for each of your computers. There are many utilities and proxy software that allows you to share the Internet connection but all them would not be stable. The computers in the network connection depends your computer for the Internet connection and if the sharing or proxy software fails to load, your computer would fail to share the Internet connection with other computers, hence other users cannot go online. So, Microsoft has included an Internet connection sharing feature in Windows XP. Now you just need one Internet connection for all your computers. The Internet connection sharing service in Windows XP shares your Internet connection with all the users in the Network. Sharing the Internet connection with Windows XP is more stable than using any third party software. The computer which has the physical Internet connection should be turned on and connected to the Internet for other computers to access Internet.

Following are tips to configure the Internet connection sharing in Windows XP:

  • Configure the network

  • Share the Internet connection

  • Set up client computers

Configure the network

To share the Internet connection, all your computers should be in the same network. It is easy to set up a network on Windows XP. Two computers can be interconnected using a UTP cable. If you have more than one computer, you can use switch or hub to interconnect computers and then configure the network protocol and services to establish the network. To avoid issues while configuring the Internet connection, make sure that each of the computers has access to the computer on which you are going to set up the Internet connection.

Share the Internet connection

After the network is configured in PC with Windows XP, you can connect the Internet modem and setup the Internet connection on one of your computers. Then try to open some websites to make sure that the Internet connection is working. To share the Internet connection, you can open ‘My network places’ and click on 'View all network connections'. On the left side f the network connection screen, you could find an option 'Set up a home or office network' and follow the setup wizard. In the setup wizard, you need to select 'This computer connects directly to Internet. The other computers on My network connect to Internet through this computer.' and then complete the network setup wizard.

Set up client computers

You need to open ‘My network places’ and select ‘View all connections' and click on 'Set up a home or office network'. Then in the network setup the wizard, you need to select 'This computer connects to the Internet through a residential gateway on through another computer in my network.' and complete the Network setup wizard and restart the computer. Now all your computers are ready to go online, open websites, check e-mails etc. in PC with Windows XP.

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