Internet Connection Running Slow Issue

Get to know more about why the Internet connection is running slow on your computer.

Internet connection running slow issue can affect users badly, since the browser will load the web pages slowly. The browser that helps the user in using the Internet may be a cause of the issue. The browser cookies should be perfectly managed. Over sized cookie files result in issues and also the disabling of the cookie storing feature cause slow loading of web pages. The connection also would be a cause of the issue. Some of them offer only limited speed for the Internet connection. The presence of infections on the systems also result in slow Internet connection. The old versions of web browsers that lack updates also cause the Internet to run slow.

Here is more on fixing slow running Internet connection:

  • Remove infections from system

  • Solve issues with Internet connection

  • Tips to speed up performance

Remove infections from system

The malware that enters into systems has the ability to reduce system performance. Slow Internet connection can be caused due to infections in the system. They prevent the browser from loading various web pages. Such worms should be removed from the systems using scanning tools and also provide protection to the system with the help of powerful antivirus. Some of the web pages possess malicious contents and cause slow loading of other web pages.

Solve issues with Internet connection

The slow Internet connection may be due to issues with the Internet Service Providers. In such cases the user should inform them as soon as possible. The user is also recommended using fast Internet connections on systems. The dial up connection is slower and the broadband connection is much faster. The user should verify the speed of each connection and then choose an appropriate one.

Tips to speed up performance

Browsers are a leading factor in determining the speed of the Internet connection. Download and install a browser that can offer more speed while loading pages. Some add-ins or extensions used with the browser are also responsible for the speed of the connection. So install only those extensions that can aid the user in increasing the performance of the browsers. The connections that provide more speed for the Internet should be selected. The dial up connection is slower than the broadband connection. The cookies stored on the system while navigating through various websites should be removed regularly. Else they may increase in size and cause issues.

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