Why Internet browser keeps crashing

Why do Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox keep crashing?

Internet browser is a software program used for retrieving and presenting information on the Internet. The main function of an Internet browser is to bring information resources to its users. Internet Explorer (IE) is the default browser available with Windows operating system. Mozilla Firefox is an open source browser from Mozilla Corporation. As per the data for 2010, it is the second most widely used web browser in the world. Both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox can keep crashing due to issues such as a virus attack. When your browser crashes, it may lead to loss of data.

Following are the issues when internet browsers such as IE and Mozilla Firefox keep crashing, its causes, and the resolution for it:

  • Issues

  • Causes

  • Resolution


Crashing is a common issue with Internet browsers and leads to a number of other problems. Crashing can affect all the work you have done on your Internet browser. If your browser closes unexpectedly, you may lose some critical data. It may also affect the downloading of files from the Internet.


Problematic add-ons is one of the major reasons why your Internet browser crashes. Viruses in the system can also be responsible for crashing your IE or Mozilla Firefox. If your internet browser closes unexpectedly, you need to check if your system contains viruses and remove them to avoid this issue. You may also face issues with Mozilla Firefox when clicking on certain links. This is caused due to the nsBrowserOpt.dll malware that installs itself on the system. You can fix this by removing the malware using your antivirus software.


First of all you need to disable the add-ons installed on your Internet browser. You can disable the add-ons using the 'Tools' option on your Internet Explorer. To do this, you need to choose 'Manage Add-Ons' from the 'Tools' tab. Clicking on 'Enable or Disable Add-Ons' brings up a list of currently installed add-ons in the browser. Determine which add-on you want to disable and hit the 'Disable' tab. You also need to remove the viruses from your system. Also on Mozilla Firefox, the 'Add-on' option is available on the 'Tools' menu. You may need to disable all add-ons.

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