Internet keeps timing out

What are the causes that leads to Internet connection timing out constantly? What can be done to resolve this issue?

You could see that the Internet connection in some cases keeps timing out at a consistent basis. This prevents the access of some types of website from your network. A probable reason can be that there might be some issue with the server. If a page does not display the contents within a specific period of time, then the user might think that the connection has been lost, and they stop the process. You could design the server to display output within a few minutes. You could usually break down long processes into smaller pieces. Or, the server could deliver status data to update users about the process. Additionally, you could create a long server process that has a messages-based or asynchronous approach so that it returns immediately to the user after the job is submitted, and then notifies the user after the long process is finished.

Following are some of the solutions to fix the timing out issue:

  • Troubleshoot the router manager

  • Fix the server issue

  • Remove malwares

Troubleshoot the router manager

Router Manager 1.0 is a Network Utility product released by It can restart routers at specific times in a relatively large local area network which are usually multiple regular routers, wireless routers, wireless APs and switches. After a period of continuous running, there could be a slowing down of network speed or even no-response failures which require restart of the routers and switches. Most routers and switches could not automatically restart at a specific time and must be restarted manually.

Fix the server issue

Each of the servers in the network is set-up with a proper time out. This helps to reduce the overload of the server; this might sometimes affect the web. So, you need to correct those time settings in the server. You could change this in the registry. This will be effective if you are using the personal system. For this, you need to open the registry and change the settings.

Remove malwares

The presence of malwares in the system also affects the performance of the network connection. Some types of powerful malwares could prevent the access of the website and thus the website will start to time out continuously. You could fix this issue by scanning the entire system. Most of the malwares will be removed after this complete scanning. The settings in some of the malwares software also have an impact on the system performance.

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