Internet not working after Virus Removal

Are you puzzled with Internet issues in your computer due to viruses and want to remove them?

Web browser is a software program used for retrieving and presenting information on the World Wide Web. The main purpose of a web browser is to bring information resources to its users. Most of the web browsers have some common elements like a home button, refresh button, address bar, etc. Almost all web browsers allow you to open multiple information resources concurrently. Most of the web browsers can help to store bookmarks so that you can access the frequently visited webpages quickly. Most of the web browsers support HTTP Secure and offer quick and easy ways to delete the web cache, cookies, etc. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape are the most popular web browsers available today. Internet Explorer or IE is the default web browser in Windows operating system. You can download it freely from Microsoft website. You may face plenty of issues if your Internet browser stops working.

Following points provide some important information about browser hijacking, issues when browser stops working and the tips to fix the issues:

  • Browser hijacking

  • Issues when browser stops working

  • Tips to fix the issues

Browser hijacking

Browser hijacking is the modification of settings in a web browser by viruses. Browser hijacker is a malware that replaces your existing Internet browser home page or search page with its own. Morwill Search is a browser hijacker which redirects homepages to its website and begins to collect information on the computer.

Issues when browser stops working

If your browser is hijacked, your web browser may stop working and you will fail to open the web browser. Some browser hijacker changes the homepage in the web browser and they will not allow you to change back to your homepage through Internet Properties. You may not be able to access the Internet or any information with the web browser.

Tips to fix the issues

You can get plenty of third-party tools to prevent the intrusion of browser hijacker viruses. Spybot - Search & Destroy is a software tool that can be used to prevent the invasion of browser hijacker. In addition, you can use Spyware Doctor to remove such infections from your computer and make your Internet browser work properly.

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