Pop-Up Blocker in Internet Browsers

What are features of pop-up blockers in Internet browsers and when do you need these?

Internet users face annoying pop-up windows of advertisement. It is almost impossible to make a program that will eliminate those completely, while allowing those that are useful or even vital for website navigation. The removal of pop-up is complex and that’s why you are still facing that issue. Pop-up blocker is not intended for closing any pop-up windows; it helps you choose which windows you want to be closed with block list feature. That means you could decide what you need to close. This program is filled with advanced privacy-protection technologies, which stops your home page from being reset, protect your proxy settings, make available a sound effect upon closing pop-ups, disable auto suggesting, and block messenger-spam pop-up ads.

Following are some of the pop-up blocker software in Internet explorer:

  • Pop-up blocker

  • AdMuncher

  • Smart Popup Blocker 1.2

Pop-up blocker

Pop-up Blocker Pro helps you decide which popup windows you want to be stopped up with block list feature. That means, more you use Pop-up Blocker Pro, less pop-ups you see. Pop-up Blocker Pro will not close any popup windows. Pop-up Blocker Pro is the best Internet privacy software that lets for private Web browsing. With Pop-up Blocker Pro, you could surf the Web with complete peace-of-mind, knowing that Pop-up Blocker Pro save from harms becoming permanently hidden in your system, without the possibility to recover it. Pop-up Blocker Pro is also compatible with Windows 7. Pop-up Blocker Pro works with all Internet connections.


Ad Muncher 4.9 Build 32209 Beta is a Pop-up blocker product. This software blocks ads in all browsers, including Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Flock, Maxton, Netscape, and Avant Browser. This program erases unwanted popups in all browsers. By removing advertising in programs like Pando, ICQ, Kazaa, SopCast, PalTalk, Morpheus, iMesh, Bearshare, LimeWire, Yahoo! Music Jukebox, etc, this offers security from threats that can be entered through these programs. Thus it speeds up page loading and saves bandwidth.

Smart Popup Blocker 1.2

Smart Popup Blocker 1.2 is a completely standard, yet free pop-up blocker, work quite well in all browser. This software provides an alarm after removing any of the pop ups. If you irregularly want pop-ups from certain sites; you could temporarily disable the utility by holding the Ctrl key. The working of this software in the system will not use any of the additional resources from the system and you don’t need to worry about the system slow down. Application also has a privacy feature that deletes cookies. If you don't need a full range of features for pop-up protection, this application will certainly do.

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