Resolving Internet Issues on Windows®

Get to know more about problems on your Windows computer with Internet

Majority of all global computers are connected via the Internet. The Internet can be best described as a network that interconnects millions of computers and these connected computers can share data and access information. Windows-based computers are ideal for all kinds of users and this includes Internet-savvy users who like to stay online for many hours. Windows operating systems even come with a default Internet application called Internet Explorer that can used to browse the Internet and download files. However, Internet connectivity of your Windows system can even cause some issues. These issues include malware infections, data thefts, compatibility issues, performance issues and so on. As Internet connects millions of computers, the exact source of the malware would be almost impossible to detect and this means that any computer connected to the Internet is vulnerable to such threats.

Following gives users more information regarding tips to fix issues caused by Internet on Windows computers:

  • Antivirus Programs

  • System Restore

  • Firewall

Antivirus Programs

Malware are the single greatest threat when connecting and using your Windows computer to the Internet. Malware can cause hardware as well as software issues on your computer. The best way to resolve issues caused by malware is to install the computer with a good antivirus program and then remove all of the infections. The Internet on your Windows computer should be also used to update the antivirus program so that even latest of threats can be found and removed.

System Restore

If some of the programs or applications installed on your system got updated and the application developed some errors or ceased to function, the system restore feature can be used to restore the system to a previous restore point. The system restore can effectively fix all the issues on the system/ application without causing data loss of any kind. However, users must take care when restoring the system as restoring the system to restore point with issues can complicate the existing issue.


Spyware spread via the Internet and cause issues such as data thefts. Spyware are specifically designed to get silently installed on a system and send out critical information from the system. If your Windows OS system got infected with a spyware that cannot be removed with older virus definitions of the antivirus program, then users are advised to turn on the firewall so that the malware would not be able to send out data and then update the antivirus program so that the infection can be removed.

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