How to test speed Internet

Which are the different ways to test the Internet connection speed on your PC?

The true bandwidth on any connection might be determined by doing Internet speed test. You can perform speed test on connections such as Broadband, Cable, Satellite and DSL Modems. The speed test helps you to know the actual speed of your Internet connection. Thus you can increase the speed of the Internet connection by knowing its actual speed. QOS is a term, which represents the speed of the Internet connection. This term gives you information about download capacity provided by your Broadband or DSL provider. The quality of the Internet connection depends upon the percentage of QOS. RTT (Round Trip Time) reports the users about the time taken to send a small packet in the Internet speed and obtain a reply. Max pause is another term, which indicates Internet speed congestion or a bad broadband connection.

Following points might give users an idea about the need to test Internet speed:

  • Importance of testing Internet speed

  • Internet Speed Test 1.3

  • Speed Connect Connection Tester 7.5

Importance of testing Internet speed

Internet speed means the bytes of data the Internet connection might transfer per second. You can categorize Internet connection into two types; upstream and downstream. Upstream is the uploading speed of the Internet and downstream is the downloading speed of the Internet. Both downloading and uploading speed should be good for easy browsing. The testing of Internet speed helps to determine the download and upload speed and to increase it, if needed. Thus you can boost the performance of your system.

Internet Speed Test 1.3

Internet Speed Test 1.3 is a simple tool, which helps to diagnose the speed of your Internet connection. To test the upload and download speed it has certain buttons in it. The software quickly performs the upload test. The browser windows open at the end of the successful test and shows the comparison of speed with various types of connections like DSL. It helps the users to quickly perform speed test and to fix common connectivity problems.

Speed Connect Connection Tester 7.5

Speed Connect Connection Tester 7.5 is a software specially designed to test performance of your Internet connection. This software is very easy to use an its rich graphics provide an easy solution to achieve information about your connection speed and quality. A statistical analyzer included in the Speed Connect Connection Tester 7.5 helps to detect quality of your Internet connection and a real-time download speed test. You can customize it to test the connection with any other server.

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