Troubleshooting Internet Connection

Are you aware of various issues that can come up while connecting to the Internet and want tips to troubleshoot the Internet connection?

To access Internet in your system, you need to install the Ethernet card and its driver. You can access Internet in many ways. Dial-up, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. are different types of Internet connections. Dial-up connection is the most common Internet connection and the least expensive one. It allows users to connect to the Internet through a local server using a standard 56k modem. Internet connections are classified into two types based on the medium used in communication, including wireless connection and wired connection. Wired connection uses a physical medium like coaxial cables or optical cables. Wireless connection uses no physical medium for communication; instead it uses a wireless technology like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Sometimes, you may face a number of connection issues due to various reasons.

Different issues that can occur while connecting to the Internet, their causes, symptoms and the ways to troubleshoot them are give below:

  • Different issues

  • Causes and symptoms

  • Ways to troubleshoot

Different issues

You may face a lot of issues while connecting to the Internet. Sometimes, you may face disconnecting issues with your Internet connection. You may also face issues like not responding and pages crash error due to the problem of Internet connection. Page freezing is a common error while using the Internet. Improper installation of web browser also creates issues with the Internet connection.

Causes and symptoms

You may face connection issue, if you are using a slow Internet connection. When using unreliable Internet connection, you may see that your web browser fails to respond to your commands. Viruses or malware infections create a number of issues with your Internet, like page loading error, crashing, freezing, etc.

Ways to troubleshoot

First of all, you need to remove the malware infections from the system to fix the Internet connection problems. You can get third-party tools to remove the malware infections. You need to reinstall the web browser that you have installed in your system, if it encounters any problem. You also need to update the web browser in your system. Always try to use a reliable Internet connection in your system.

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