Tips to fix “invalid page fault” error messages

What are the reasons behind the emergence of "invalid page fault" error messages related with Internet Explorer? How can he error be fixed?

The invalid page fault error messages occur while opening Internet Explorer. The error message would appear while the user browse the Internet or while installing or downloading the software. The error message would also interrupt the users while browsing the web. The invalid page fault error messages sometimes accompanies with the error messages that prompts the user to close the application or even shut down the system. The causes for the occurrence of such error messages are the presence of software that prevent Internet Explorer from running on the system, due to the presence of any download manager software, issues with the network services and protocols, oversize issues with the browser cache etc. The user would be prevented from browsing the Internet while such error messages occur.

Discussed below are ways to fix "invalid page fault" error messages:

  • Remove unwanted software

  • Clear the browser cache

  • Disable the networking protocols and services

Remove unwanted software

Software that are installed on the system as download managers would cause invalid page fault error messages with the users. An example for such software is Gator. Remove such programs through add or remove programs option upon the control panel. The presence of some other Internet software like Internet Optimizer, any of the toolbars or add-ins for the Internet Explorer browser, iMesh, Internet Boost, Ad-aware etc are also responsible for the occurrence of the invalid page fault error messages. Such software can be removed either through the control panel or through the add-ins section at the tools option on the Internet Explorer web browser.

Clear the browser cache

The presence of malware or other kind of infection on the browser cache folder on the Internet Explorer web browser or the oversized browser cache folder upon the system would result in issues with the Internet Explorer browser and cause issues like invalid page fault error messages. Clear the cache through the tools menu. Click on tools option and select Internet options. Inside the dialog box, click on delete cookies option and also clear the web history at the same option.

Disable the networking protocols and services

The networking protocols, AOL installations or American Online installations, networking clients and services etc that are present on the systems would lead to occurrence of invalid page fault error messages on the systems. Remove or disable the installations and protocols from the system. While disabling such options through the registry, the user should follow each step carefully. The networking protocols can be removed through the network connections properties option.

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