Limit Internet access to users

What are the tools that can be used to limit Internet accessibility? How can these tools be used to restrict Internet access to users?

Internet access is limited in offices to improve the productivity of employees. You can set a restriction on users regarding what sites they can visit and what they can't,i.e they can't access. The need to put a limitation of usage is to prevent children from visiting adult sites and other websites with unwanted contents. There are several ways to limit user access to websites. There are various software to monitor and block the Internet usage in offices. Some software could be effectively used to set individual level monitoring and limit the access. There are different modes to limit the software such as limiting the time and complete regulation. In order to use software level limitation, the administrator needs to install the specific software and configure the settings in an effective way. By setting the content filtering, the administrator can ban several sites, keywords and several file types.

Some of the tools to limit Internet access and tips to use them are given below:

  • OpenDNS

  • Router software

  • Windows SteadyState


OpenDNS is the company which provides DNS servers. By creating an account in OpenDNS you could avail several additional features such as restricting the Internet access using powerful filters. Moreover, this facilitates you to block several specific domains and websites. If you use the above features, visiting blacklisted sites could give you error messages.

Router software

The router of your network could be effectively used for blocking the access of several sites. Router is the hardware part which act as a traffic controller between the system and the Internet. Thus, router software not only blocks access but also provides some sort of parental control. The software provides GUI support to set Internet access policy. The way to set the policy could be known from the website of manufacturer.

Windows SteadyState

Windows SteadyState is a software from Microsoft to limit Internet access in offices or other organizations. This software could be successfully used in Windows XP and Windows Vista. One feature of this software is that this allows the administrator to set the features of the software according to user profile. All you need is the user account at different levels. Thus, this software can limit several users from accessing a network.

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