Error: “No Internet Connection Detected”

What are the reasons for the error message "No Internet Connection Detected"?

"No Internet Connection Detected" is a common error message that appears while connecting to the Internet. The reason for this error has to be found out step by step to fix it. Any one with a personnel computer and an Internet connection can access the Internet by subscribing to ISP. According to means of accessing, Internet connection is classified into Analog or dial-up connection, Cable or broad band connection, Wireless connection and satellite connection. "No Internet Connection Detected" occurs while when we try to connect to Internet. The main reasons for this error are dysfunction or temporary removal of server from Internet, incorrect configuration of browser, incorrect configuration of TCP/IP of dial-up connection, improper working of ISP Domain Name Service server, Hosts files and corrupted Black Ice directories. This error message mostly appears in dial-up connections.

Following are the ways to fix error "No Internet Connection Detected":

  • Confirm IP address

  • Test name resolution

  • Verify browser configuration

Confirm IP address

It is important for TCP/IP configuration to match with the IP address given by the Internet Service Provider for connecting to the Internet. It can be done by typing 'ipconfig /all' command in Command Prompt after connecting to the ISP. It will show Windows TCP/IP settings for all your network adapters and modem connections. If the IP address that is displayed for the dial-up connection does not match the IP address provided by the ISP, change the IP address that is displayed so that it matches the address given by the ISP for solving the issue.

Test name resolution

The name resolution test is done, when the connection to any server using FQDN fails for dial-up connection. The usual reason is corrupt DNS configuration of ISP or with the ISP DNS server. It can be determined by typing 'ipconfig /all' command in the command prompt, that displays the IP address of DNS server. If the IP address for your DNS server does not appear, contact your ISP to obtain the IP address for your DNS server. For verifying that the computer can communicate with your DNS server, ping IP address of your DNS server. If it is not possible to ping the IP address of DNS server, contact your ISP to verify that you are using the correct IP address and to confirm if the DNS server is working properly.

Verifying browser configuration

The improper configuration of browser settings certainly leads to error in connection. It has to be verified that the Internet browser is correctly configured to connect to the Internet through dial-up connection to your ISP. Make sure that your Internet browser is not configured to connect through a proxy server, which is a computer or a program that acts as a barrier between a local area network (LAN) and the Internet. A proxy server is a firewall component that presents one single network address to external sites. This can be verified by opening the 'Connections' tab in 'Tools' menu of Internet options of particular browser that you are using.

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