Need to Restrict Internet Access

Get to know more about the need to restrict Internet access

Restricting Internet access in offices could improve the productivity of individuals and thereby their overall performance. By blocking several unwanted sites you could get improved security for the computers and network in your organization. Internet provides knowledge and information. But there are several threats while you browse the Internet. Restricting sites with porn content, gambling sites, etc. are very important in an organization. Various fun sites could reduce the productivity of employees. Thus, monitoring Internet access could improve the overall working environment and performance of an organization.

Following is information about the need to restrict Internet access for employees:

  • Site Blocking Software

  • Internet Options

  • Content Filtering

Site Blocking Software

Powerful software are available to block various unwanted sites or sites with controversial contents. All these tools could check the contents of the sites and restrict accessing the sites with words provided in database of software. Many such software could be customized by the user or administrator. In offices, administrator could restrict the over use of Internet by clear monitoring. There are several applications which could be used to watch the browsing of employees and could effectively restrict their use. Some of the software in this category include iGuard, Website Block etc.

Internet Options

Internet option is a way to restrict various sites from your browser. This feature is available in Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera. If you are using Internet Explorer you could set the blocking from Tools. From Tools go to Internet Option and under Security tab you could give site address and click 'Add' button. If you are a Firefox user, go to Tools and select 'Option'. Then select 'Privacy' and then click 'Exception' and give the list site to be blocked. If you want to keep this list safe you could remove Internet Options so that others cannot change the list.

Content Filtering

Content filtering is the processes of filtering the contents from a website so that some unwanted contents are filtered away. Some add on programs are available to filter the contents. For Mozilla Firefox users there is an add on called ProCon Late which could successfully filter the contents. This could be effectively used as a parent monitoring program in Mozilla Firefox. Advantage of using this add on is that you could customize the list of words.

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